PDXLUG - a Portland Linux user group

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PDXLUG is a Portland Linux user group which started as a branch off of the Portland Linux/Unix Group in January 2003. PDXLUG is NOT PLUG. If you are looking for PLUG, please visit the link above.

We've had many people ask why another group spawned from PLUG. The main reason is because we wanted a more informal gathering with a smaller group of people.

Our meetings are usually round-table discussions about anything Linux and Open Source related. There are typically no presentations or lectures, though we certainly don't rule them out. Most of all we just want to have fun and geek out!

Interacting With Our Community

We have a mailing list for online discussions, and also an IRC channel (#pdxlug) on Freenode. We also host a free Community Library where you can check out and loan technical books to fellow enthusiasts.

PDXLUG has also just started a new discussion list for non-technical, group discussions related to PDXLUG. This list can be found here.

Meeting Schedule

PDXLUG meets every second Thursday of the month. Our next meeting is Thursday, January 13th 2005, 7pm at the Fireside Coffee Lodge in southeast Portland. For directions and more information about Fireside, please visit the link above.

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All PDXLUG members are entitled to a 20% discount off of the Open Source Convention costs. The discount code is DSUG.