Inclusive Competency Model

Developed by a team of IFF colleagues from around the world, our Inclusive Competency Model has become the standard of what an Inclusive Colleague should be.

The model includes four competencies, and every colleague is encouraged to add at least one of these competencies to their Annual Development Plan, which serve as the foundation on how each IFF colleague commits themselves to sustain a culture that invites each person to bring their whole authentic selves to the workplace each and every day.

We consider these competencies so vital to ensuring we have an organization that nurtures a place of belonging for each unique individual that they are written into our Code of Conduct.


Actively manages personal bias to mitigate its adverse impact


Challenges patterns of unconscious bias in the workplace


Actively educates others on how biased behaviors impact the inclusiveness of the workplace


Has the strength to admit when their actions fall short of what is considered to be an inclusive colleague


Leads initiatives to enhance the inclusiveness of the workplace culture


Actively demonstrates the ability to see things from another point of view

Active Listening

Actively addresses the concerns of fellow colleagues to achieve a more inclusive workplace

Diversity of Thought

Actively and consistently encourages a diversity of thought amongst the team

Decision Making

Actively encourages colleagues to make decisions that are inclusive of diverse points of view

Reactive Empathy

Actively demonstrates empathetic behavior towards others

Self Awareness

Actively demonstrates that personally held convictions and principles are aligned with IFF’s D&I Vision & Mission

Unleashing Potential

Actively works to create an environment where all colleagues have unleashed their unique potential for the team’s success

Business Priority

Is a champion of IFF’s Diversity & Inclusion Strategy for having a diverse workforce

Contribute with Confidence

Consistently includes all team members in discussions


Takes action by leading activities/initiatives that empower others to build a more inclusive workplace

Equitable Contribution

Actively creates an environment where all colleagues can unleash their potential to contribute to the team’s success


Actively seeks out new information to advance their knowledge of Diversity & Inclusion


Actively engages in activities that demonstrates their commitment to a diverse & inclusion workplace

Self Awareness

Challenges personal assumptions when actual experiences differ from expectations


Is skilled in tailoring actions to different cultural contexts


Has the ability to act appropriately in a range of cross-cultural situations

Awareness of Others

Nurtures the different value sets, social interaction norms, and belief systems

Diversity of Thought

Actively seeks out diverse thinking in all decisions


Has the confidence to be effective in culturally diverse situations